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MBA Forex Nigeria – Scam or Legit?,How MBA Forex Worked

11/08/ · MBA Forex was a rave, signing up thousands and trading with more than billion naira of people's money. When it crashed, it was a tsunami 16/12/ · Mba forex crashes. Investors besiege MBA forex offices for their money. Many investors who spoke to theportcitynews said that despite making investments in millions, the 23/09/ · The MBA Forex & Capital Investment Ltd. crashed in December All their investors lost a few hundred million dollars. The company was based in Nigeria. Defrauded 17/12/ · Re: Has MBA Forex Finally Crashed? by dzamaka: pm On Dec 22, I have always said it that 15% monthly is not feasible for a forex company considering how 05/05/ · Di Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Nigeria say MBA Forex no ever dey registered with dem. di commission no ever endorse any scheme wey don crash for Nigeria ... read more

They have even claimed that they are certified by CBN and CAC. But all the certification and registration claims by MBA forex are false because they have no certification proof. All the investors who are waiting to get their profit returns are curious to know the main reasons why MBA forex cannot pay them.

MBA forex has fully admitted that they failed to return certain funds invested by many people due to the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN.

CBN has also issued a statement from their side to explain why MBA forex has been banned. MBA forex is the firm participating in foreign exchange forex trading and capital investment. But they have been suspended from performing any dealings in Nigerian bank accounts. Due to the blacklisting of MBA forex, they cannot get the money back from those investors who have invested in the company. But the chief of MBA forex has guaranteed all the investors that they will get the funds back as soon as the firm starts processing the funds.

In December , the firm announced to shut down its activities for a while, which they resumed in January In one of the statements, MBA forex stated that they have already started paying back the capital funds to the category of N This category has the largest volume of people.

The firm is making hard efforts to at least fund back the money to the maximum of their investors before their activities stop once again. Well, this is not yet clear, though! MBA forex has just resumed their funding service, but they are not sure if they can fund back the money to all investors or not. They are currently working on the category of N MBA Forex has also acknowledged that all their business operations have faced huge market volatility and some unfortunate developments that have ruined their reputation.

And this has often made it difficult for them to meet some expected outcomes. Some of their funding activities did not work exactly how they planned, but they ensured that the capital stayed safe and was returned on time.

Management is just requesting the investors to show a bit of patience and give them extra time to resolve all the challenges they are currently facing. No matter how inaudible it appears, we are hence working zealously for your advantage by keeping in mind that the current conditions are yet exhaustive and extra depressive.

A trader can invest, withdraw, deposit, and even monitor their investments by using the E-wallet. Hence, you can get a secure way with which you can manage all your transactions. This trading app is specially designed to suit the basic investor needs, built on a robust and reliable platform.

It is not hard at all to put your investments in MBA trading and start your trade journey. But still, you need to comply with a few steps, which we will discuss below with you. Note: You have to make sure that the main title of your profile should be correlating with the account title name.

To straightaway move into the platform, you can also use the trading app. Once you have done with data entrance, you can use some of the options available in your account to start the trading process. For example, you can easily monitor the earnings and make the depositor request the withdrawal by choosing the dashboard. But you can open one trading account at one time because the platform does not allow you to open two accounts. Hence, in its accordance, all the customers cannot even open multiple accounts just to correct funding administration and prevention of fraud.

But there are varieties of energetic investments which are being operated at the same time. MBA foreign currency trading has been licensed by different regulatory bodies, including CBN and CAC. But according to some reports, it is claimed that EFCC is aware of its trading or investment operation.

It is really important to make a powerful decision before putting all your investments into MBA forex trading. You know yourself that MBA forex does not have great customer reviews, and it might be a bit risky to put all your investments into it.

But if you ask from us, we will clearly state that you should avoid such investment companies which are already entitled to be the scam ones in the market. But if you do have money and want to put much of your investments, it is still important to do some in-depth research and make sure you are guaranteed high profits. We will advise you to put one such money into the investment timeline you can afford to lose.

Investment is all about taking yourself into the pool of risk, which you do not know if you are receiving profit from it or not! They are also investing in treasury bills, but it is advised to follow that you should always invest what you can afford to lose for the public. We invested in a company that gave us a contract to sign, and we all signed the contract making it a legitimate business.

Our investment money has been trapped since November , and nowhere to retrieve it. This is our demand. Undoubtedly, ever since starting the capital Investment Company, MBA forex has come a long way. But as this company has been entitled as the scam-based one. Therefore, you need to keep yourself miles away from it. But not just MBA forex; other scam investment companies are still peddling their investment ventures in Nigeria.

In recent times, MBA Forex Capital investment is known to be the largest internet scam in Nigeria. But besides them, there are many more companies who have robbed and are still robbing the unsuspecting investors by taking away their hard-earned money.

Agx Farmlands Limited is a famous company operating in Lagos, Nigeria. This company is claiming to be the most reliable investment broker working in the current trade market. Hence, this company is responsible for maintaining, selling, buying, and running the farmland estates by acting as the direct investors or the brokers. But the company is not working as an organised sector, and it might be possible to scam their investors.

If you check their official site, you will find the information a bit sketchy, and it seems like just a single person runs the company. Plus, they have not mentioned any details about their previous projects too. Straight away from various indications and the available public data, Agx Farmland is coming across as a high-risk investment scheme and needs to be avoided at all possible costs.

La Buena Vida is a trading project which was managed and created by C21FG. This company is working as a non-governmental organization NGO which is situated in Abuja, Nigeria. This company is claiming to be the first national platform based on lifestyle, cash flow, and housing in Nigeria.

They have their global partners from the sectors of beauty, health, construction, and lifestyle. Plus, the company is claiming to have k members nationwide with a maximum of 10 corporate partners.

This company is considered to be the scam structure due to its explained business structure. In addition, as you visit the official website of La Buena Vida, you will find that most of the information on their site is fake or false. This is because they have not updated their site and did not mention what their previous clients thought about their services. Apart from that, they have not mentioned their members and only mentioned contacting their affiliate partners.

Recently, the company has also launched an investment scheme promising great profitable returns within the short term. This includes bill payment as well as corporate partnerships. If you are newly entering into 1Global, you will be sceptical about the legitimacy of the 1Global investment!

This is because they are not clear with how the investments are being utilised and how they will back the funds to their investors. Plus, the company has not mentioned the investment plans clearly, which can help the new investor understand them better. It seems like a few inexperienced groups have organised the scheme. In short, the old investors of this site have a conception that 1Global can be a sort of auction site, which has now turned into a scam hub.

Fourth we have, Zebra Fund, which is a Ponzi scheme operating in Nigeria. This company does call itself the e-commerce opportunity to start trading with. It might look good on the surface, but if you look inside it, Zebra Fund is nothing but a platform that is robbing people all the time.

Moreover, over the official site of Zebra Fund, they have not shared the proper details of the investment scheme, and hence this has made it complicated to understand. Sensible investors who have been into trading for a long time knew that Nigerians were running the company, and mostly Nigerian people are scammers.

So under all reasons and indicators , it is clear that Zebra Fund is a SCAM scheme designed to steal from you in one way or another. You can get scammed if you are depositing the money on Zebra Fund, and they refuse you to withdraw any imaginary earnings over your dashboard.

You can also get scammed if you play the fool out and put the debit card details into your Zebra Fund account. So, according to us, Zebra Fund is a complete waste of fun because they aim to make you lose your money and nothing else. Agrichainx is the last on our list, which is claiming to be a famous platform in Africa. In general terms, this platform connects farmers with finance, traders, resources, and tools. You can access your funding and even employ some smart contracts for the stakeholders to start investing in different agricultural projects.

Agrichainx makes use of their cryptocurrency known as Agricoin. This is mainly used for performing transactions over the platform and accessing the investors to capture high value.

One major aspect with which the company does not seem legit is that they claim to pay a lifetime ROI for the one-time investment. This is so strange! No legal investment company will make such unsustainable and unreasonable promises to entice its investors. But the company is unclear with their plans and how they are employing the technologies with which they will benefit the investors. Over the official site of Agrichainx, they have not shared the proper details of the investment scheme, and hence this has made it complicated to understand.

We all know the fact that investing is a risky step to step. And if you are new in the investing market, knowing the terms and conditions plays a major role. Investment is all about making more profit by investing the capital of yours in the form of money.

We do invest in businesses because we aim to grow the wealth and make some more money out. If I talk about my perspective, investment is all about buying, achieving, and getting the product or properties at a lower price.

It is then later on sold at the higher prices to make some profit percentage out of it. If you are investing over some online platform, it gets risky for you because you have no idea how to determine the business life span. So people put their investments to make some return out of it known as Return of Investment ROI. Some of the platforms online on which people are investing their money are scam-based.

But some people have been straight duped through such finance and have lost a huge sum of money. And they do so by investing your money without telling you. There are hundreds of cases of those people who have lost so much of their money by investing them over online platforms. They do not know whether those online platforms are reliable or not. Therefore, before you contact any company or platform to invest your money, make sure you know if the platform is reliable or not.

This is something which holds the primary importance to guarantee you that your money is not being wasted. In the same way, before you invest in MBA forex, you should also be reading the MBA forex terms and conditions. The main aim of this section is to inform the investors that according to the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC new statement, they have warned the investors to avoid investing in MBA forex.

And according to them, all those helping investment companies are scams. Although, some investors have shared their stories of taking benefit out of these platforms! But who can confirm whether the shared reviews are accurate or not?

People have preferred to invest in Mutual Funds in Nigeria and learned how to earn some profit on a genuine basis. In general, if you are investing on any online platform, you should never put all your eggs into one basket. No doubt that after MBA forex has started to show out their real faces, tension has been created across the offices of MBA forex in major cities. It seems like the angry investors are ready to attack the offices to claim their money back.

But MBA forex was not ready to grant them the return. They eventually stopped operating without giving any notice. Finally, in January , they resumed their operations because the patience level of angry investors had now ended. As the pressure has continued to build on the MBA forex team and owner, they have now decided to pay the investors the due return on their investments.

This due return is just for November and December. According to the latest news stories, it is even revealed that the founder of the scheme, Maxwell WeliOdum, had moved his family out of Port Harcourt due to security threats. This investment scheme has just crashed due to the inability of the company to meet the return requirements of the investors.

As a result, they were unable to meet the financial obligations to its thousands of investors. Those investors who had owed the two months of ROI have besieged the offices of Investment Company in various offices to demand their money back. The company even stated that they had to shift their operations to some other location, due to which the delay pops out in the working system.

But that was not true at all! In addition, they later claimed that banks had seized all their funds. The claims have built up so much panic among the people who have been longing to return on their investments for the last so many months. Investors stated that they have been waiting since the Christmas holidays, but no results have come their way. Darkness lurking around him. Since then till now, Mr.

Timothy is behaving like a mad man. Frustration was transferred to his wife. He beat and torture her. She ran away. He has no family. Miserable life became his fate. MBA crashed, carrying Mr. Timothy's brains along to the crash kingdom of darkness. He is now half human, half demon. His life crashed forever. Where will he start from?

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Odum said that they paid hundreds of people before an unforeseen circumstance hit them. The CEO added that CBN took that action to ensure that MBA Forex was considering law. He said that CBN should give MBA forex the benefit of the doubt to clear up their mess.

Odum promised the investors that the management is working tirelessly to return their funds. How to make money on binary options without any investment? What is forex trading? How long does it take to learn to trade binary options?

MBA Forex Blamed CBN Because Of Inability To Return Funds BinaryOnline - forex trading platform review IS QUOTEX A SCAM?? READ THIS BEFORE TRYING THE BROKER IN The "Roof" strategy of trading on the futures market 10TRADEFX REVIEW IS IT WORTH IT?

OLD Binary Options Brokers. Emefiele said that the Bureau De Change turned themselves from the original objective. As a result, these market players make huge profits while Nigerians are constantly suffering. The Apex bank accused BDC of doing money laundering business on unsuspecting citizens. As a result, they have become agents of facilitating corruption in the country.

MPC will Monitor banks to offer forex only for legitimate use by the citizens. Building Small Profits, Fast: How to Use a Scalping Strategy for Options Trading How Long Does It Take To Get One Bitcoin? Investors take Forex platform ROFX and its founders to court Close Option - binary options broker review How to Buy Stripe Stock What Is A Forex Cent Account? Learn About The Basics! Efe Ebelo, the spokesperson of SEC.

This statement is under law Section 38 1 of the Investments and Security Act ISA They should have justified how they earn their money.

MBA Forex is, some would say was, an investment platform trading in foreign exchange. Headquartered in Abuja, they have up to 10 other offices in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, in Dubai and the United Kingdom. They were a rave.

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, they received and traded with more than billion naira. This is not hard to tell why: They accept a minimum of dollars and investors, individuals and corporate entities could open multiple accounts. That is not all, they also charged thousand naira for Forex courses, online or offline. Now, what most people are not aware of is that whenever an investment sounds too good to be true, then they should be wary of It.

For many people, looking at the outrageous figures they paid as ROI, it was too good to be true, it was a Ponzi scheme. But unlike a normal Ponzi scheme, they were trading something and could claim that their profit came from their profit.

And they had offices, had other sources of income i. e courses, and were probably registered. They continued to wax strong, thousands registered and billions continued to pour in. It was Christmas for many people. In December, before Christmas of , MBA Forex crashed. It was a sad occurrence as people thought it was a legitimate company because they were informed that it has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria, and The Economic and Financial Crime Control, which made them invest huge sums instead of using their spare cash.

The crash broke so many hearts and different people reacted to it in different ways. Others had gone as far as taking loans to invest in the scheme with the hope of paying back the loan and keeping the ROI for themselves. Read this — Everything You Need To Know About United Nigeria Airlines. A middle-aged woman, Mary, who lost close to 2 million Naira, almost lost her sanity in the city of Port Harcourt. According to her, it was all she had that she invested, with the hope of cashing out big at its maturity, but she was stunned when she heard about the outcome of the company.

It was her neighbors who came to her aid, holding her from running into the streets when she rushed out of her house with only a wrapper tied to her chest.

A young man, Uche, who used his school fees to invest had to drop out of school when he could not get back the money to pay his fees. Another man, Diji, who was sacked from his place of work decided to put his money into MBA forex, two days after he did was when he heard that it has crashed.

It became a struggle to fend for his family, they had to beg some days to feed. It was that bad, one careless investment made his life a hell on earth. My sister, Blessing, was also a victim of this scam. After she left her job, she invested all of her savings that have accrued to 1 million Naira, since she was jobless at the time, she intended to use just the ROI she would receive every month and leave the capital with the company.

Unfortunately, she got paid only once before everything went south. She is yet to recover from the ordeal. You can say how wise it is to always check out an organization that offers high-interest rates before doing business with them, ask questions, and all that, and preach all you want, but it is not always that easily defined.

He who has never lost a penny to a scam or two should cast the first stone. Connect to us on Pinterest. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the author and forum participants on this website do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of Anaedo Online or official policies of the Anaedo Online.

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MBA Forex Blamed CBN Because Of Inability To Return Funds,Investor allege say 'MBA Forex na big fraud right from di foundation'

10/12/ · MBA Forex dey registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and di Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering and dem bin din dey operate for four years before 11/08/ · MBA Forex was a rave, signing up thousands and trading with more than billion naira of people's money. When it crashed, it was a tsunami 25/12/ · The fate of over three thousand investors of a trading company known as MBA Forex in Port Harcourt, Rivers State is hanging in the balance over alleged collapse of the 30/10/ · MBA Forex Crash Rumour All those investors who invested in MBA forex woke up in with the crash news! After extensive research, it is very much clear that MBA 16/12/ · Mba forex crashes. Investors besiege MBA forex offices for their money. Many investors who spoke to theportcitynews said that despite making investments in millions, the 11/10/ · The smart investors have gamed the mba system. They have “cashed out” more than what they put in and are on green so nothing you say or tell them matters. The biggest ... read more

This is because they are not clear with how the investments are being utilised and how they will back the funds to their investors. Second, even if you were to try to withdraw some of the profits from MBA trading, this is money that has already been invested by someone else! Review Visit Site Visit Site CFD service. But, unfortunately, none of them is giving you any returns, so how can MBA forex and capital investment limited offer you such an amazing return? Hence, you can get a secure way with which you can manage all your transactions. Share 0 Join AnaedoOnline Telegram.

Di message dem post for dia facebook page show say im fit be member of Christ Embassy mba forex crash be Chris Oyakhilome church. Dude sold all his properties. SEC has clearly stated that they have never registered MBA forex under their jurisdiction. Some of their funding activities did not work exactly how they planned, but they ensured that the capital stayed safe and was returned on time, mba forex crash. But the sad fact is that none of them is giving then how come MBA forex and capital investment limited can grant you such a huge return! Sit-At-Home: IPOB Reacts Over Killing, mba forex crash, Harassing Igbos For Violating Order. All their investors lost a few hundred million dollars.